Thursday, December 18, 2008


Wednesday, December 10, 2008


No doubt is is frustrating trying to find a job, but the long mornings and being able to hang out with eric all day is so relaxing its wonderful! I cant even begin to tell you how much I've gotten done around the house. Here is a picture of our back entry way leading to the basement-to the right (out of pic) is the kichen. It used to be bright yellow and the stairs were white-I did all of this in one day! I'm clearly not finished yet!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ab Pain..

This has been going on for a few days now, stabbing pain occasionally in my abdomen (right about right hip). Not much fun, and according to webMD it could be anything from gas to appendicites. ::sigh:: I guess if I explode we will all know what happened.
Dont have much else to say, just need somewhere to complain.

Monday, December 1, 2008


For the first time ever I have discovered pod casting on itunes. Did you know these are all FREE? How was this secret kept from me for so long? I've spent most of the evening until now searching for fun things to listen to at the gym and I've found just that, fun things but not something I'd want to listen to while sweating it on the treadmil. oh well..the search will continue tomorrow.
Today was another chilly day, however no more snow-and our cable was having problems so I'm already frustrated. I wish Eric and I could take a last minute trip over the holiday to celebrate just being together and loving life. I'm sure this wont happen for numerous reasons-but I can dream right?
The job search is coming along. I've sent out so many resumes I'm afraid it will be too depressing to add them all up. In this economy I understand its hard to find work, but thought I would have better luck with good experience and a couple degrees...apparently I've been proved wrong. Other than the job issue, life is good. I've gotten into baking and cooking a little more which Eric loves. I've painted 2 rooms and I'm hoping to do a 3rd this week-can you tell I've been bored? When I was working it seemed like there just was never enough hours in the day, now it seems like there is too many. Oh well...