Sunday, November 30, 2008


Hello everyone! Thanks for taking the time to look at my blog. Although I consider myself to have some computer skills, it will take me some time to figure out this whole blogging thing. A little bit about my family; I live with my amazing fiance in Iowa-he works full time while going back to grad school and I am well, inbetween jobs at the moment. Most of my time is spent trying to get our wedding organized. We have 2 cats (Molly and Digit) and we also have a corgi named Jameson. Well, my littlest kitten "Molly" I believe has worms :(. So sad, but I'm hoping she will make a strong comeback.
I cant believe how much of the Christmas spirit I am this year. Seems like in the past I'm sick of christmas music but now I cant get enough-I've even got into decorating too! Probably has something to do with graduating and moving out of the "roommate" situation.
Thanksgiving was good, Eric and I went to my parents house (about 2 hrs away) for the day. We ate too much Turkey and played scrable and 500. The day after we did some shopping and went to his parents for some pizza and cards. I'm so blessed to be welcomed into my future inlaws family. I couldnt be luckier to feel like I have a family away from home.
We FINALLY got our first snow of the year. About 2-3 inches fell overnight, so I was greeted with a blanket of white all over the lawn. So peaceful