Friday, August 7, 2009

I Miss You

Eric leaves tonight after work to go on a big camping trip for 5 days with his dad and brothers. As much as he is looking forward to it, I’m going to really miss him. Its remarkable how even though he is not there when I go to bed, I look forward to waking up next to him. I suppose it is a comfort thing. I am going back home for the weekend to try and figure out some wedding details with mom. She has a good mind for seeing the ‘whole’ picture before any of it is done…thank god because I don’t!! Word is we are supposed to have a pretty bad winter here since the summer has been so mild (hit record lows) so I would ideally like to get as much as human possible done before the temperatures start dipping into the single digits. Just thinking about how many things we have left to do makes my head spin. Hopefully after this weekend I’ll have a better grip on things…hopefully, the 2hr drive is painful so it better be worth it!
For a few months I have been trying to eat as healthy as possible, even taking vitamins (impressive huh) and walking during the week with J since she is also trying to drop a few pounds. All this working out & eating healthy better pay off for the big day because I could really go for a huge chocolate chip cookie right now…and ice cream. Mmm. Instead of calling it a ‘diet’ I am anticipating this being a life-style change, as is J. I didn’t eat unhealthy to begin with but I’m starting to work more salads, fruit and veggies into my diet…oh yes, and water! Plenty of it!! Both J and I want to have children in the near future and somewhere one of us heard if you are skinny before you get pregnant you will most likely be all belly (no clue if there is any truth to that)
J Plus, I would much rather look back on our honeymoon pictures and say “wow I was lean” instead of “wish I had dropped those last few pounds”….its all psychological I know.
As I sit a work, bored out of my mind so many questions run through my head. Will we still be head over heels in love 10yrs from now? What obstacles will we face and how will we handle them? Will we like where we move? Will we be good parents? Only time will tell, but as the wedding day is slowly but surely approaching I can only expect questions like this to become more frequent. I think its normal…right?